MaxiMilk Pro

DanWean® MaxiMilk is the safe solution if you use milk troughs and cups. The protein content in DanWean® MaxiMilk is derived from skimmed milk and whey powder. The supplementing fat content comes from coconut and palm oil, amongst other things.

DanWean® MaxiMilk is vitaminised and it contributes to ensuring that your piglets get all the nutrients needed.

DanWean® MaxiMilk 

The safe solution

DanWean® MaxiMilk is suitable for use in cups and troughs because it is highly soluble, and this makes your work process much easier.

Healthy & strong piglets

With DanWean® MaxiMilk, all piglets have constant access to fresh milk in cups and troughs. This ensures that the piglets grow both healthier and stronger.

Danish genetics

Danish pig genetics are highly developed, and the litter size is also on the increase. Therefore, it is important that all piglets in the litter have access to fresh milk to ensure the optimal prerequisites for their health and strength.


DanWean® MaxiMilk contains minimum 40% lactose.


DanWean® MaxiMilk contains minimum 70% milk powder.


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