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Read about DanCrons, a super product for mixing in for both wet and dry feed mixes.

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DanWean FeedMilk

Read about DanWean Feed Milk. The perfect componing feed for even the smallest weaned pigs.

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DanWean Primo

Read about DanWean Primo. Prestarter for early introduction. Get a troublefree weaning.

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Read about DanKick, a liquid feed supplement for newborn piglets, that supports intestine health.

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DanWean MaxiMilk

Read about DanWean MaxiMilk. A milk product that comes as close to the sow’s own milk as possible.

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DanWean Ultimo

Read about DanWean® Ultimo gives the pig the maximum feed intake and utilization of nutrients.

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Read about DanTabs®, which helps increasing the blood supply to the uterus.

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DanWean Modus

Read about DanWean Modus. The first mixture in the climate barn to get maximum feed intake.

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Read about concentrates. Concentrates are developed for the herd based on your materials.

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DanVit Acids

Read about DanVit Acids Adding acids provides an economic gain due to increased growth.

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DanWean Plasma

Read about DanWean Plasma. Blood plasma is the easiest way to absorb protein.

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Read about minerals and how they can help you optimize your production.

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DanWean Debut

Read about DanWean Debut. The ultimate pre starter feed. To get the most out of small piglets.

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DanWean PrimaMilk

Read about DanWean®PrimaMilk contains especially tasty and digestible milk proteins.

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Read about ProtaSoy®. A modern fishmeal substitute that gives pigs the best start in life.

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