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Bjørn Asmussen

Man. Director

0045 9215 1140

Bjørn Asmussen is an agricultural economist. He has a vast knowledge of the market and knows the right price for feed components and admixtures within the current market. Bjørn always makes an effort to make sure that you, a DanVit customer, is satisfied. He has been working for DanVit since 2017.

Karsten N. Andersen

Sales Manager

0045 2062 7094

Karsten is a professional farmer and he got his agricultural technician diploma in 1999. One of Karsten’s many strengths is that he takes a curious approach to his customers and obtains an overall view of positives and negatives within the farm. He has been working as sales manager for DanVit since 2014.


Morten Gregaard

Export Manager

0045 2123 3092

Morten Gregaard is a professional agricultural technician. Morten has been providing consultancy services and optimising pig feed since 1997. He has a vast knowledge of what it takes to optimise the feed to your animals. Morten was one of the DanVit founders back in 2010.

Søren Jensen

Sales & Management

0045 4060 1540

Søren Jensen is a professional farmer. He has a unique ability to combine theory with practice at the farm. Apart from being able to provide guidance and optimise the feed for your animals, Søren has been the driving force behind the development of the DanVit milk facility. For this reason, he has a unique knowledge of the milk facility for the farrowing barn. Søren was hired by DanVit in 2016.


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