Danish Pig Academy
& Pig Facts

How does DanTabs make a difference?

DanVit has focused on increasing the uniformity of a litter of pigs and making them stronger.

But why focus on the smallest piglets?

Good genetics and especially Danish pig genetics increase the number of piglets in a litter. This is good, but not all piglets grow according to plan and have a lower chance of survival. The question is whether the piglets get enough feed and whether the feed contains the right nutrients.

The pregnant sow must be in good shape and have enough nutrients in the feed, otherwise the piglets will not grow properly. Studies show that ensuring a constant supply of nutrients during pregnancy will increase the blood supply in the uterus. The increased blood supply will then provide a nutritional and energy supplement for piglets, already in the fetal stage. The extra nutrients ensure a uniform litter, increase the survival rate and the piglets that are born become bigger and stronger.

DanVit has developed Dan Tabs®, but how do they work?

DanTabs® has a unique composition of organically bound minerals. The organic composition of minerals increases the blood supply to the uterus throughout the pregnancy period. The increased blood supply ensures that all fetuses have the same access to nutrients from conception to birth.

DanTabs® gives you a more uniform litter, a higher survival rate and stronger piglets with a more uniform birth weight.

Pig facts

As a modern pig producer, you are probably always looking for the most efficient and productive ways to do your business. You will be more profitable while having fewer expenses.

It is understandable.

However – how do you choose among all the options? There are so many options and products on the market. How to make the right choice?
Our answer is – PIG FACTS.

PIG FACTS is a concept that contains themed films related to the most current topics in modern pig production.

Credibility is the key to the themed films. You get the information directly from professionals who know the farmers’ needs and develop the products for them. You have a challenge – we know how to solve it. Check it out for yourself!


Danish Pig Academy

DanVit is a member of the Danish Pig Academy, which is a collaboration between 28 independent Danish companies in the field of selling equipment, products and services for pig production.

For DanVit, membership of the Danish Pig Academy is a gathering point for both international and Danish pig producers. Danish Pig Academy promotes cooperation and strengthens the sale of Danish equipment, products and services to pig producers all over the world through a common showroom and network.

Here, the pig producer has the opportunity to experience the best of Danish developed products in one place.

The vision of the Danish Pig Academy is to be the pig producer’s preferred entrance for choosing suppliers and to add value to the members’ customers and partners. The Danish Pig Academy must be recognized as an innovative and relevant gathering place for both Danish and foreign pig producers.

Professional equipment and inspiring environments

Danish Pig Academy has established a showroom in Denmark packed with professional equipment and inspiring environments. For those of you who work in the pig industry, you can experience the following during a visit to the showroom:

  • See all kinds of modern equipment for pig production – all in one place
  • Get professional advice
  • Learn about the world-famous Danish way of running pig production

And you will of course get a lot of inspiration.